Steam Workshop : Heads-Up Dismay

It’s been a while since I made a thing!

Steam Workshop :: The Right Way


cracked-dot-com-official asked: today i won a merc's muffler while playing on a trade server because a guy was like "i'll give a merc's muffler free to whoever can backstab this highlander pro soldier" and it was a hard fought battle adn when i finally did it i shouted over the mic and did my victory things and i considered trading it for a profit, but you know what. i earned it. i don't have any others. this is my merc's muffler and i'm keeping it.

This is a good decision you made! 

Steam Workshop :: The Inside Jab


joeshorts asked: Hey, I saw your fox-tie/deep-cover-operator on the TF2 Workshop, and I was just wondering if you have a SFM model for it?

It’s in the game, you can just load it directly i think?



I went to Budapest, and it was very cold. But I had my trusty scarf so everything when well.


Anonymous asked: I was gonna say awesome hair but then I read that you want it cut, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

But it’s like anime hair right now, it can’t be tamed.


archangelrenegade asked: you made the merc's muffler? dude thats so sweet.

Of course I did ! But I model way better than I knit :V

I got a really life merc’s muffler to go with my virtual self made one !

Thank you schweinkrams ! It’s even better than I imagined. It’s really big, comfy and overall awesome ! You should all get one !

(Don’t use it to absord blood tho)

(also yes I need a haircut)



I sold the knitted Merc’s Muffler to the one person who truly deserves wearing it: The creator of the Merc’s Muffler. :Ds

It’s quite a compliment that the creator likes it. I think we are both happy now.

(And I got permisson to knit and sell more and he won’t sue me. Hehe. xD)

I’m really happy, and I can’t wait to see it !

Thanks :D


Here is my Merc’s Muffler and since a few people were interested in the pattern I jotted it down for you (hope there are no major typos). If you like to make changes, like add more yellow stripes, cast on less stitches etc. feel free to do so, I would also do changes to a second scarf myself. And don’t take the Gauge too seriously, it’s not that important on a scarf and I am a very tight knitter.

But now without further ado, the knitting pattern:

Merc‘s Muffler (for all classes)

Gauge: 14 sts x 22 rows on 10x10 cm, for a Scarf of 205cm length and 18cm width.
Yarn: DROPS Nepal 50g = 75m, 65% wool & 35% Alpaca
Amount of yarn: 6x red or blue (300g), 2x yellow (100g), 1x white (50g)
Needles: 5mm needles, or needles to obtain gauge.

p = purl
k = knit

Cast on 50sts in red and long tail cast on.
1st row: Slip first stitch knitwise, *p1, k1* repeat until end of row. Purl last stitch.
2nd row: Knit as 1st row.
Repeat this pattern for a total of 37 rows, but
[ change to white on the last stitch and purl it with both red and white thread.
Continue knitting in white for 3 rows and change to yellow as explained before at the end of the 3rd row.
Knit 12 rows in yellow.
Change to white and knit 3 rows.
change to red and knit 56 rows.]
Repeat the Stripe pattern in [ ] 4 more times. Add another Stripe of white-yellow-white and another part of 37 rows in red at the end of the scarf.
Bind off.
Sew up all loose threads.

You crafted a Merc‘s Muffler! :D

Helpful tip:
When you change to a new colour, make a knot and bow from the loose threads, so the next knitted loops won‘t change in tension.

Man I’d love to have a real merc’s muffler to go with my virtual self made one ! You did an awesome job, look really cool. Is there any way to buy one ?